Getting to the heart of what our clients need with a robust business skill-set that goes beyond technical savvy.


Highly customized technical solutions to automate, streamline and outperform your current processes.

What's Your 10?

We like to think that most companies can solve 90 percent of their day-to-day business challenges with some great off-the-shelf software and smart implementation. Even if it’s kind of vanilla, it works.

At ninety10, we focus on that last ten percent. It’s your secret ingredient, your technology sweet spot, your final piece of the puzzle. It drives innovation, powers your business and transforms your internal processes and customer experiences.

Salesforce Implementation

As a longtime strategic partner with Salesforce, we put their robust offerings to work for your business.

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Custom-Solutions Development

We develop solutions that fit your particular industry sectors, budget limitations and technical objectives.

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Technical Consulting

We advise businesses at critical junctures, creating roadmaps for the short term and your company’s future.

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How We Helped Our Clients Find Their “10”

Freudenheim Partners:

Improving Processes Beyond Expectations

Life Safety Systems:

Making Our Brokers The Best They Can Be

Our True Passion

“We recognize that technology drives business growth and expansion, and there’s nothing we like better than to dig deep into our clients greatest business challenges and create the perfect technical solution. Then, we drive your project to completion. We love what we do and think we’re awesome to work with.”

Justin Sadler | President, ninety10

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has the breadth and scope of super-smart overachievers, combining our business savvy and technical talent to innovate and collaborate for our clients.

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We get to know you and your business, inside and out. We’re quick to see your vision and goals, pinpoint your greatest business challenges, and adapt to your protocols.

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We are a unique mix of accomplished and self-directed professionals, with a growing company that has been a leader in technology solutions consulting for over 10 years.

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