The Defining Moment: Improving Processes Beyond Expectations

We started Freudenheim Partners, a commercial real estate firm, about a year and half ago. One of the first things we knew we needed was a contact management database. We decided on Salesforce and we were put in touch with Justin and his team; they came highly recommended and the results were great.

Justin took the time to meet with us to be sure the technology not only worked, but worked for us. He got to know our business and the way we operate; he customized Salesforce to fit our office operations and processes.

We initially rolled out a basic version of Salesforce that worked very well. We recently did a new round of edits, adding an expanded platform and more functionality.

Today, our customized Salesforce CRM is disseminating all relevant information to our brokers in an efficient and streamlined manner. Ultimately, it is making our brokers the best they can be. We look forward to working with the ninety10 team in the future.

Dave Tackeff, Research Director | Freudenheim Partners

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