The Defining Moment: Improving Processes Beyond Expectations

At Life Safety Systems, we had a makeshift CRM. Our management team sought to streamline and automate our sales pipeline and projections for greater accountability and definition, and expand the meaningful things we do for our clients and customers.

We evaluated Salesforce and tested several CRMs. Once we arrived at the Salesforce decision, we knew we needed a technology company with the knowledge to make it work for us. It was not just about putting contacts into a database or keeping track of proposals.

We had confidence in selecting ninety10, in large part because we saw Salesforce put a lot of faith in Justin Sadler and his team. We appreciated how they defined the project’s vision and scope, and showed us exactly what we could accomplish.

From day-one, the team was very detail-oriented. They digested and analyzed everything we conveyed and pointed out areas where we could improve our own sales process. That was the defining moment:  when a group of developers and business analysts got to know our industry and company and offered insights beyond our own vision. It was a huge value-add.

Ultimately, our sales grew 23% in less than 16 months. We embrace technology as our competitive advantage at Life Safety Systems and we took that same approach when working with the ninety10 team on our own CRM roll-out.

Established in 1996, Life Safety Systems is an engineering firm that handles consultation, design, construction, and maintenance of fire protection, physical / logical access control, electronic security and IT systems.  Headquartered in Baltimore, the 40-person company works with clients in the commercial and government markets across the country.

Derrick Mitchell, President | Life Safety Systems

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