Our simple, three-step approach coordinates all the moving parts for a seamless integration and maximum ROI.

1. Discovery

Our first step involves getting to know you and your business, inside and out. It may be over the course of several meetings, depending on the intricacy of your internal operations.  Our team is quick to see your vision, pinpoint your greatest business challenges, and adapt to your protocols. Often, we redefine and expand what’s possible.

We define and map out a comprehensive solution that includes:
  • recommended methodology
  • thorough cost-benefit analysis
  • schedule of testing checkpoints
  • specific software to fit your budget
  • implementation and training timetable
  • forward-thinking perspective for system flexibility

2. Implementation

For us, this is the fun part. It’s where the magic happens.

Our team at ninety10 will engineer your (often highly customized) business applications and configure them to maximize your internal business operations and processes.

We coordinate the moving parts and ensure a seamless integration, using industry best-practices with an unswerving focus on optimizing your business functions.

During this phase, we …
  • import/export data
  • marry your new technology with existing applications
  • test at a multitude of check-points
  • ensure your new software meets all agreed-upon objectives

3. Roll Out & Support

We appreciate that adopting changes in technology may be met with some reluctance and frustration. The roll-out phase gets you and your team up-and-running with real-time training on your customized applications … and its enhanced functionality.

Whether you need training and support for your sales/marketing department on a new CRM, an introduction to your new data-driven reporting and analytics capabilities for your finance professionals, or a company-wide primer on the speed and agility of your new technology, our team will get yours up to speed.

We ensure you can use it, maximize it, and measure it.

What are you waiting for?

Let us help you find your “10”